Calling All Swim Leagues in the DMV

Some of the most popular features on Reach For The Wall are the analytic tools that allow readers to view meet results and compare teams and swimmers both within and across swim leagues in the DMV.

These tools work best, however, when they include meet results from all these swim leagues, not just a few. Consequently, Reach for the Wall invites all swim leagues in the region to send us your meet results each week so we can showcase each league, team and swimmer.  If you are the individual with access to the meet results, use the instructions below to send results to us.  If you are a parent of a swimmer and would like to see your son or daughter’s individual and team results on Reach For the Wall, let your coach or team representative know about this post.

To send us meet results, just do the following:

1.  Send an email to Rich House at requesting that he send you an invitation to contribute meet result files to a Google folder; and

2.  When you receive his invitation, simply transfer Meet Manager results files (.cl2) each week when they are available.

Once we receive your league files, we will immediately upload them so that they display on Reach for the Wall.

If you have any questions, please send Rich an email at


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