The ‘daily dryland’: Ideas to stay active while at home-week 5

By Reach for the Wall Staff

Hopefully you were able to follow our posted dryland sessions yesterday? We participated along with Katie + Katie & had a lot of fun learning a few new exercises! Today, we’re reminding you to end your week with a good session of stretching and mindfulness. Practicing yoga and stretching allows you to calm your body and mind and assists in the recovery process. Recovery is a step in your training that is often overlooked when we are in locked in our daily schedule of school, practice, homework, chores, etc. While we’re on this hiatus from daily swim practice, take the time to incorporate yoga/stretching into your routine so it sticks when you are able to get back to your regimen in the water. Have a great Friday!!

Upcoming ‘not to miss’ Webinars:

Fitter and Faster:


Friday, April 17 @ 5:00 PM

Suggested audience: Swimmers and Coaches

Led by: Four-Time Olympian and Olympic Gold Medalist Roland Schoeman, Five-Time Olympian Brett Hawke, and Paralympic Medalist Tucker Dupree

  • Find your best starting position
  • Learn the mechanics of exploding out of the start
  • Explore angles and positioning as you enter the water


Friday, April 17 @ 6:00 PM

Suggested audience: Swimmers and Coaches

Led by:Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler Clary and Head Coach of Victor Swim Club Mike Murray

  • Watch two Elite Clinicians analyze both proper and improper technique
  • Common mistakes swimmers make and how to correct them
  • Drills to improve form for faster swimming


Saturday, April 18 @ 1:00 PM EST

Suggested audience: Swimmers ages 11 & Under

Led by: Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary and NCAP Age Group Coach Dory

Keep swimmers ages 11 & under engaged in swim and having fun! Let’s all just keep swimming!

CG Sports Network:

The Carpool Lane with Kristy Kowal airs every Friday from 2-3pm EST. This show is dedicated to education parents on how to best support their competitive athlete. It is hosted by USA Olympian Kristy Kowal who will be bringing Team USA parents and experts on each week. 

Super Sprint Saturday with Katie Hoff: Katie Hoff hosts Super Sprint Saturdays every Saturday from 11:30am-12:30pm EST! This is a race paced dryland workout geared towards competition and keeping your racing instincts on point.

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