The ‘daily dryland’: Ideas to stay active while at home-week 6

By Reach for the Wall Staff

In normal times, the sixth week of a training cycle usually means you get to ‘check in’ and test yourself with a meet or some sort of test set to see where you are in your training. The results of the meet and/or test set usually provides you feedback on what is working (or not) in your training and what you can tweak to improve your performance. We offer the challenge this week to ‘check in’ and test yourself! Take time this week to look back at what you’ve done the past 5 weeks:

  • Have you been diligent about your dryland workouts? If so, how many times a week did you do drylands? How long each day?
  • Did you make time to attend webinars offered by USA Swimming, Fitter and Faster, CG Sports Network (someone else?). How often are you attending? What do you enjoy about them?
  • Have you connected with your teammates? How often?
  • Have you taken time to calm your mind and body, away from phones, computers and TV?
  • Have you taken up a new athletic activity? Running, biking, indoor rowing, yoga, dancing, hiking? How has your involvement in that activity impacted you over the 5 weeks- do you feel any different? Have you created goals for what you would like to accomplish with this new activity?
  • Have you kept up your journaling? Have you been writing out what you are doing, how you’re feeling, what you’ve accomplished, what you’re missing, what’s been fun about this experience? If you haven’t, grab a pad and start writing- 5 words, 5 minutes, 5 paragraphs, whatever, just start writing!!!

We hope you are finding ways to stay active, keep in touch with your friends and most importantly follow the guidelines and stay safe!!!

Today’s dryland:

USA Swimming among others use the hashtag #MotivationMonday to get the week started on a good note. Tune in to Josh Davis today & get a good dose of motivation with his special guest Jason Lezak!

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After you get your dose of Motivation from Josh, go ahead and listen in with Fitter and Faster at 3pm:

Mental Skills Monday: Commitment

For Swimmers Ages 13 & Older and Coaches

What does it mean to be committed? In this broadcast, we will be discussing what it takes to commit to your swimming, your team, and to your goals.

Led by Five time Olympian Brett Hawke, Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary, and Olympian Carlos Claverie

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