MCSL Top Swims: The 9-10’s

By Reach for the Wall Staff and anonymous contributors

As mentioned in the Top Swims by 8 & Unders, we are providing a series of posts that highlight each age group and the top swims achieved for each MCSL individual age group event. We got some excellent feedback on the 8 & Under post as weal las some additional history of who the record holders were from ‘way back’.

The Methodology:
The standards below were developed by using MCSL records from 2000 as a starting point and then searching the MCSL results on the website for times faster than that that County Record.  In this way, the researcher(s) were not missing any times from before 2000. From there the researcher(s) found the next nine (9) fastest times since 2000 (and with this method may be missing some pre- 2000 times).  

As we saw with the 8 & Under events, there’s a few where the kids who swam in the 80’s and 90’s achieved a time so swift that fewer than 9 have surpassed. For example, in the Boys 25 Breaststroke, the margin between the current record and the record set in 1994 by Justin Pratt is only .19 seconds! This event only has three times, David Fitch’s record and Federico Sanidad’s swim in 2017, just missing the list are Ryan Franck from Forest Knolls who posted a 17.64 in 2018 and Harrison Cerone from Darnestown who swam a 17.66 in 2014…that’s as close as the swims have come. For those of you that like numbers, in the lists below, there are 32 different pools represented (35 in the 8 & Under list), 23 different years (22 in the 8 & Under’s), with the oldest time achieved in 1974. Who can recall his full name?

Boys 9-10 50 Freestyle:

29.47Adriano Arioti RV2017
29.58Timmy Ellett TW2011
29.59David Fitch PO2014
29.87Andrew Vanas WWD2019
30.02Andrew Gibson RV2007
30.28Samir Elkassem CG2016
30.3Sean Stewart NMC2001
30.38J. Hoffman GP1983

Girls 9-10 50 Freestyle:

29.58Giulia Baroldi PGL2014
29.93Jill Berger LF2014
29.99Carly Sebring DA2015
30.12Morgan Ribar DA2000
30.36Nina Allen SG2015
30.43Ophelie Loblack RV2011
30.60Ainsley Taylor KL2017
30.60Jan Bauer MS1981

Boys 9-10 25 Backstroke:

15.58Brett Feyerick TH2013
15.69Adriano Arioti RV2017
16.21Grant Goddard PA2007
16.22Griffin Oehler WG2019
16.23Ashton Sun KFM2016
16.24Konnor Chen GER2015
16.40K. Rusch CG1974
16.41Noah Rutberg RE2013
16.44David Fitch PO2014
16.47Djordje Orcev WG2011

Girls 9-10 25 Backstroke:

15.78Phoebe Bacon TH2013
16.29Emily Wang UC2010
16.35Morgan Ribar DA2000
16.41Cara Chuang RV2002
16.61Laura Eull CG1998

Boys 9-10 25 Breaststroke:

17.18David Fitch PO2014
17.22Federico Sandiad SG2017
17.37Justin Pratt OF1994

Girls 9-10 25 Breaststroke:

17.23Emma Lantry K2017
17.42Rachel Danegger LF2011
17.69Emily Floria RV2004
17.74Anna Li WCF2016
17.97Callie Fosburgh B2004
17.98Samantha Arias LM2018
18.04Talia Moss RF2012
18.17Cassandra Sanidad SG2011
18.17Ophelie Loblack RV2011
18.2Ruqayyah Abouraya MCF2017

Boys 9-10 25 Butterfly:

14.82Adriano Arioti RV2017
14.94Konnor Chen GER2015
14.96Ben Long Zuo TH2013
14.96Grant Goddard PA2007
14.99Sean Stewart NMC2001
15.01Andre Brooks NCC2017
15.02Samir Elkassem CG2016
15.04Parker Koenig OG2015
15.12N. Martin WM1991
15.12Timmy Ellett TW2011

Girls 9-10 25 Butterfly:

14.77Hailey Hammond LF2018
14.77Carly Sebring DA2015
14.96Lila Vera SB2006
14.98Giulia Baroldi PGL2014
15.07Phoebe Bacon TH2013
15.19Blaire Menichetti FV1985

4 thoughts on “MCSL Top Swims: The 9-10’s

  • Jul 7, 2020 at 8:33 pm

    I’d be curious to know when MCSL started using touch pads for All Star events? Besides the touch pads and 2 stop watches, do they also use 2 timer plungers like those used in PVS meets and up?

  • Aug 4, 2020 at 3:27 pm

    According to the 1975 MCSL book, the full name is Kevin Rusch. He went 17.0 at both All Stars and Divisionals in the 25m back, so the 16.4 must have been from a dual meet.

    • Aug 4, 2020 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks Jeff!!

    • Oct 8, 2020 at 2:24 pm

      UPDATE: there is a meet in the very back of the 1975 MCSL book called, “3rd Annual Marriott Inter-League Swimming Championships” and it was held the day after All-Stars at RMSC. It included CCASA, MCSL and PMSL. It lists Kevin Rusch as going 16.353 in the 25m back. So that record that stood for 33 years was actually done outside the typical MCSL format (but nevertheless within an MCSL Championship style meet).


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