MCSL Top Swims: The 11-12’s

By Reach for the Wall Staff and anonymous contributor

Every season the MCSL holds a showcase where the top 8 swimmers in each event compete in the Longcourse format for each event, thereby doubling the distance. The Longcourse Invitational is typically scheduled on the Tuesday between the 4th and 5th week of dual meets. Last night would have been the 46th annual occurrence of the meet however, true to July, it would have likely been interrupted or postponed due to the massive thunderstorms that rolled through the area! Ok, enough of the wistful writing of what we’re missing this season…on to the top swims for the 11-12 age group! 2017 was a really fast year for the 11-12 age group with 16 times posted: Carly Sebring, 4 times, 3 of them MCSL records that still stand! Jason Hernandez-Fuentes with 4, Erin Gemmell with 3, Joyce Wu and Kris Lawson with 2 and Maren Conze with 1. 2015 was also a big year for this age group as there are 12 times that make the list: Brett Feyerick and Phoebe Bacon both have 4, Tia Thomas 2, Erika Chen and Chris Ma with 1 each. The lead photo is David Fitch being congratulated by Noah Garvey as David set the new MCSL record in 2016 in the Boys 50 Breaststroke. David made the list 3 times for his swims in 2016, setting 2 MCSL records that still stand! In case you missed the other age groups, here’s the links: 8 & Unders, and the 9-10’s.

Boys 12 & Under 100 IM:

01:04.61Adriano Arioti RV2019
01:04.68Jason Hernandez-Fuentes SG2017
01:04.91Brett Feyerick TH2015
01:05.27Devin Truong RV2011
01:05.67John Clado RV2013
01:06.16Jordan Kelly RS2018
01:06.43Andrew Gibson WL2009
01:06.56Josh Wolfson TH2016
01:06.61David Fitch PO2016
01:06.65Jason Blanken CA1998

Girls 12 & Under 100 IM:

01:06.59Carly Sebring DA2017
01:07.52Phoebe Bacon TH2015
01:08.66Sophie Duncan B2016
01:08.81Sarah Eliason RV2018
01:09.10Joyce Wu KFM2017
01:09.27Anna Li WCF2018
01:09.28Erin Gemmell PW2017
01:09.45Lauren James PL2009
01:09.59Erika Chen RV2015
01:09.84Caroline Clark MCT2008

Boys 11-12 50 Freestyle:

26.20David Fitch PO2016
26.38Brett Feyerick TH2015
26.53Jason Hernandez-Fuentes SG2017
26.68Jason Blanken CA1998

Girls 11-12 50 Freestyle:

27.39Carly Sebring DA2017
27.63Phoebe Bacon TH2015
27.81Tia Thomas SG2015
27.88Caroline McTaggart CCR2009
28.03Erin Gemmell PW2017
28.14Sammie Grant D2013
28.18Audrey Richter NH2011
28.19Maren Conze GP2017
28.2Lila Vera SB2008
28.33Giulia Baroldi PGL2016
28.33Elaina Gu RV2010

Boys 11-12 50 Backstroke:

28.47Brett Feyerick TH2015
29.35Adriano Arioti RV2019
30.22Kris Lawson BE2017
30.42Devin Truong RV2011
30.54John Jeang RV2010
30.75Jason Blanken CA1998

Girls 11-12 50 Backstroke:

29.91Phoebe Bacon TH2015
31.27Carly Sebring DA2017
31.62Lauren James PL2009
31.65Emily Wang UC2012
31.82Erin Gemmell PW2017
31.85Nadia Thomas MM2019
31.95Livia Venditti CG2018
32.11Lila Vera SB2008
32.12Lisa Long UC2002
32.18Morgan Ribar DA2002

Boys 11-12 50 Breaststroke:

32.79David Fitch PO2016
33.03Jason Hernandez-Fuentes SG2017
33.56Noah Garvey WCF2012
34.15Benjamin Nachod GER2016
34.33Sean Santos HA2016
34.43Zach Youth GP2013
34.47Wesley Lee LLD2019
34.49Devin Truong RV2011
34.53Harrison Gu RV2008
34.62James Marder LF2016

Girls 11-12 50 Breaststroke:

33.45Joyce Wu KFM2017
35.07Sarah Haase FV2006
35.09Jaycee Yegher DT2011
35.16Isla Batholomew WM2019
35.34Emma Lantry K2019
35.41Susan Kim NMC2001
35.71Cameron House D2019
35.76Jessica Chen RV2009
35.88Rachel Danegger LF2012
35.98Anna Li WCF2018

Boys 11-12 50 Butterfly:

28.75Kris Lawson BE2017
28.93Jason Hernandez-Fuentes SG2017
29.02Jordan Kelly RS2018
29.15Brett Feyerick TH2015
29.17Danny Calder MO2013
29.18Chris Ma RV2015
29.32Zach Bayler RH2014
29.43Liam Rooney FR2018
29.55Daniel Wang RS2014
29.66Adriano Arioti RV2019

Girls 11-12 50 Butterfly:

29.20Carly Sebring DA2017
29.72Phoebe Bacon TH2015
29.76Giulia Baroldi PGL2016
30.38Sarah Eliason RV2018
30.38Tia Thomas SG2015
30.41Laura Eull CG2000
30.43Emily Wang UC2012
30.47Natalya Ares IF2007
30.47Olivia French KL2012
30.61Lila Vera SB2008

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