MCSL Top Swims: The 13-14’s

By Reach for the Wall staff and anonymous contributor

This is the 4th of our series of posts containing the top swims from the MCSL by age group. Starting Monday we posted the 8 & Unders, 9-10’s, 11-12’s and today the 13-14’s. As a reminder the criteria for making the lists are as follows:

The Methodology:
The standards below were developed by using MCSL records from 2000 as a starting point and then searching the MCSL results on the website for times faster than that that County Record.  In this way, the researcher(s) were not missing any times from before 2000. From there the researcher(s) found the next nine (9) fastest times since 2000 (and with this method may be missing some pre- 2000 times). 

In yesterday’s rundown of the top 11-12 times, we saw there were more events where 10 swimmers met the gap between the current record and the record from 2000 (or before). In the 13-14 age group, the Boys 50 Freestyle is the only event that does not have 10 swimmers, and that event has the oldest swim for the age group by Jeremy Fain of Daleview (1992). Another interesting statistic is that more than half of the times were achieved between 2017-2019! As with the 11-12 list, Phoebe Bacon shows her versatility and made it in each event (5). Carly Sebring is the top swimmer (MCSL record holder) in 3 events and made it in 4 total. Jack Conger (2016 US Olympian) and Brett Feyerick are on the list in 4 events. Enjoy, we will post the last of the series tomorrow!

Boys 13-14 100 IM:

59.85Jason Hernandez-Fuentes SG2018
59.88Brett Feyerick TH2017
1:00.81Kyle Lawson BE2017
1:00.89Eli Fouts MCF2014
1:01.16Jack Conger FV2009
1:01.35Timmy Ellett TW2015
1:01.36Toby Barnett FV2019
1:01.45Chris Ma RV2017
1:01.52David Fitch PO2018
1:01.55Alan Li RV2016

Girls 13-14 100 IM:

1:03.08Carly Sebring DA2019
1:03.69Phoebe Bacon TH2017
1:04.65Catherine Belyakov NO2017
1:04.78Erin Gemmell PW2019
1:05.08Sienna Karp TW2019
1:05.72Eleanor Sun WM2019
1:05.83Madeline Mara RV2016
1:06.09Katie Ledecky PA2011
1:06.50Elaina Gu RV2012
1:06.65Callie Fosburgh B2008

Boys 50 Freestyle:

24.27David Fitch PO2018
24.41Jack Conger FV2009
24.53Grant Goddard PA2011
24.54Brett Feyerick TH2017
24.72Andrew Eliason RV2018
24.79Kris Lawson BE2019
24.89Brock Park CB2004
24.94Konnor Chen GER2019
24.99Jeremy Fain D1992

Girls 50 Freestyle:

26.33Carly Sebring DA2018
26.42Nina Allen SG2019
26.51Phoebe Bacon TH2017
26.81Erin Gemmell PW2019
26.87Caroline McTaggart CCR2011
26.91Maya Fischer EG2016
26.99Kirabo Namutebi BE2019
27.01Amy Qin SB2019
27.14Colleen Law SL2002
27.23Elaina Gu RV2012

Boys 13-14 50 Backstroke:

26.55Kris Lawson BE2019
26.64Brett Feyerick TH2017
27.11Eli Fouts MCF2014
27.70Jack Conger FV2009
27.82Alan Li RV2016
27.84Josh Hafkin PW2002
27.88Garret Powell TW2009
28.00Andrew Eliason RV2019
28.09Gerry Seawright WM2006
28.13Brady Fox HA2005

Girls 13-14 50 Backstroke:

28.23Phoebe Bacon TH2016
28.97Carly Sebring DA2019
30.01Cara Chuang RV2006
30.18Emily Wang UC2014
30.23Hannah Lindsey RE2012
30.32Maren Conze GP2019
30.39Eleanor Sun WM2019
30.48Catherine Johnson TF2012
30.53Kate Cosgrove CB2017
30.60Megan Waters MCT2004

Boys 13-14 50 Breaststroke:

30.79Eli Fouts MCF2014
31.03Carsten Vissering OG2011
31.06Jason Hernandez-Fuentes SG2018
31.33Kenneth Afolabi-Brown LM2013
31.40James Marder LF2018
31.40Dylan Danaie CG2017
31.45Kyle Lawson BE2017
31.45Ryan O’Leary UC2013
31.55Zach Bayler RH2016
31.63Collin Stanhope PO2009

Girls 13-14 50 Breaststroke:

32.62Joyce Wu KFM2019
33.22Phoebe Bacon TH2017
33.60Eleanor Sun KFM2019
33.61Sienna Karp TW2019
33.69Jaycee Yegher DT2012
33.74Madeline Mara RV2016
33.76Cassandra Sanidad SG2015
33.80Sarah Haase FV2008
34.33Isabelle Clark TA2015
34.46Jane Umhofer WM2017

Boys 13-14 50 Butterfly:

25.63Kris Lawson BE2019
26.05Grant Goddard PA2011
26.07David Fitch PO2018
26.36Chris Ma RV2017
26.45Brett Feyerick TH2017
26.67Alan Li RV2016
26.76Jack Conger FV2009
26.91Ryan Gruner SG2016
26.92Graham Baird RC2011
26.96Kyle Lawson BE2017

Girls 13-14 50 Butterfly:

27.49Carly Sebring DA2019
27.97Phoebe Bacon TH2017
28.66Erin Gemmell PW2019
28.70Natalya Ares IF2009
29.10Georgia Yang CG2019
29.22Sarah Eliason RV2019
29.25Maddy Zarchin LLD2013
29.27Emily Wang UC2014
29.28Elena Harrison RF2019
29.32Jill Berger LF2018

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