MCSL Top Swims: The 15-18’s

By Reach for the Wall Staff and anonymous contributor

Well here we are, the 5th installation of the series…the grand finale… Our posts covered the top swims for the MCSL in the 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14’s and today we bring you the 15-18’s. Now that we have the full spectrum of age groups and times, we can dissect some of the statistics and interesting facts…

Overall there are 209 swimmers represented in the 5 age groups and 71 different pools. In sticking with our theme of 10’s, these are the top 10 pools represented:

Pool#of Swims on the lists
Tilden Woods19
Flower Valley13
Potomac Woods13

There is only one swimmer made the list at least once in every age group…Phoebe Bacon! She also has the most times with 18. The next closest swimmers have 10 times each, Brett Feyerick, Carly Sebring and David Fitch.

The largest spread from the fastest swim to the 10th (or ‘last’) swim in an event also belongs to Phoebe Bacon in the Girls 15-18 100 Backstroke, where the time differential is 7.63 seconds between Phoebe’s swim (56.71) and Kaitlin Mills (1:04.34)! The smallest margin from 1st to ‘last’ is the Boys 9-10 25 Breaststroke, where David Fitch and Justin Pratt are separated by a mere .19 seconds. The oldest time on any of the lists belongs to K. Rusch from Country Glen which was achieved in 1974 in the Boys 9-10 25 Backstroke. There are times from 34 different years, 2019 has the most with 66 times, followed by 2017 with 46, 2016 with 36, 2015 with 33, 2018 with 29, and 2011 with 28.

The oldest time in the 15-18 age group was achieved by Pam Minthorn in 1988, which wasn’t surpassed until 2014 when Katie Ledecky set the record, which only stood for 1 season as Caroline McTaggart set the current record at 55.15! With that, here’s the 15-18’s:

Boys 100 Freestyle:

50.47Matt Thomas MW2011
51.24Brady Fox HA2008
51.26Sean Stewart WG2008
51.42Grant Goddard PA2013
51.50Brennan Novak PGL2015
51.56Alex Colson NBW2019
51.59Aaron Stanton SG2019
51.68John Pate FV2016
51.72Adrian Lin PO2015
51.76Barry Mangold TW2012

Girls 100 Freestyle:

55.15Caroline McTaggart CCR2015
55.75Katie Ledecky PA2014
57.45Anna Kolanowski BE2014
57.85Molly Benson G2019
57.89Jill Berger LF2019
57.94Olivia French KL2016
58.09Phoebe Bacon TH2019
58.11Madison Waechter FR2017
58.12Tia Thomas SG2018
58.14Pamela Minthorn DT1988

Boys 100 Backstroke:

53.48Jack Conger FV2012
54.37Brady Fox HA2008
55.87Noah Rutberg RE2019
55.92Josh Hafkin PW2006
56.31Jase Ashkin KFM2016
56.67Garrett Powell TW2012
56.93Griffin Alaniz CB2016
57.13Grant Goddard PA2014
57.22Brett Feyerick TH2019
57.59Max Casey-Bolanos NWB2019

Girls 100 Backstroke:

56.71Phoebe Bacon TH2019
1:01.80Catherine Mulquin MCT2013
1:02.55Hannah Lindsey RE2013
1:02.88Cara Chuang RV2007
1:03.61Heather Denman TA2006
1:03.67Hannah Kannan BE2018
1:03.90Sophie Duncan B2019
1:03.94Natsumi Horikawa TW2014
1:04.12Kristina Li SB2011
1:04.34Kaitlin Mills PW2010

Boys 100 IM:

56.28Eli Fouts QO2018
57.06Alan Li RV2019
57.17Eric Friedland TW2008
57.41Bouke Edskes RV2016
57.45Matt Thomas MW2011
58.03Brady Fox HA2008
58.04Carsten Vissering OG2013
58.12Mark Liscinsky NH1999
58.20Alex Colson NWB2019
58.20Gabriel Laracuente QO2019

Girls 100 IM:

1:00.82Phoebe Bacon TH2019
1:03.89Catherine Belyakov QO2019
1:04.53Katie Ledecky PA2014
1:04.62Emily Zhang RV2014
1:04.68Caroline McTaggart CCR2015
1:04.81Sophie Duncan B2019
1:05.43Celine Nugent TW2017
1:05.59Sarah Culkin WG2019
1:05.72Reia Tong BE2012
1:05.73Madison WaechterFR2017

Boys 100 Breaststroke:

59.56Carsten Vissering OG2015
1:01.03Eric Friedland TW2008
1:01.06Eli Fouts QO2018
1:03.01Austin Dickey WL2013
1:03.60Daniel Velez QO2002
1:03.98Adrian Astiz TW2006
1:04.15Coby Zucker OF2015
1:04.40Harrison Gu RV2013
1:04.43Angelo Navaleza PLT2019
1:04.69Alex Vissering OG2016

Girls 100 Breaststroke:

1:09.46Jaycee Yegher DT2016
1:09.90Catherine Belyakov QO2019
1:10.97Colleen Haase FV2007
1:11.25Phoebe Bacon TH2019
1:12.16Sarah Haase FV2010
1:12.38Jessica Chen RV2014
1:12.66Cheryl Patterson CA1993

Boys 50 Butterfly:

23.94Jack Conger FV2013
24.98Alan Li RV2019
25.21Kevin Berry GP2016
25.23Brady Fox HA2008
25.25Bouke Edskes RV2016
25.29Griffin Alaniz CB2016
25.40Gabriel Laracuente QO2019
25.49Alex Colson NBW2017
25.50Josh Hafkin PW2005
25.52Steven Mendley PO2019

Girls 50 Butterfly:

27.06Phoebe Bacon TH2019
27.94Caroline McTaggart CCR2015
28.16Sarah Culkin WG2019
28.22Olivia French KL2016
28.25Hannah Kannan BE2018
28.53Catherine Mulquin MCT2013
28.63Anna Kolanowski BE2014
28.64Caroline Clark MCT2013
28.72Danielle Shulkin CS2010
28.77Sydney Kirsch C2016

Huge Thanks to the reader that supplied much of this data. This series of posts were born from their enthusiasm and love of the sport. We hope this provided a bit of solace in the ‘lost’ season & look forward to reporting on live events again soon!

6 thoughts on “MCSL Top Swims: The 15-18’s

  • Jul 10, 2020 at 6:18 pm

    For majority of distances you took the results of top 10 swimmers, but for 100BR (girls) – 7 girls only! Why?

    • Jul 10, 2020 at 6:55 pm

      The standards were developed by using MCSL records from 2000 as a starting point and then searching the MCSL results on the website for times faster than that that County Record. In this way, the researcher(s) were not missing any times from before 2000. From there the researcher(s) found the next nine (9) fastest times since 2000 (and with this method may be missing some pre- 2000 times). In some cases there were not 9 times faster than the 2000 standard and the current record such as it occurs with the 100 breaststroke.

  • Jul 12, 2020 at 12:39 am

    I’ve followed the MCSL since the early 1980’s and really enjoyed this five part series and seeing names from the past. I’ve personally watched Olympic Gold Medalists Mike Barrowman, Katie Ledecky & Jack Conger come up thru this league. They are a testament to just how fast this league is and how fast the MCSL Records are. In sticking with the theme of 10’s and fast swims, these are the top 10 swimmers with the most current MCSL Records:

    1.) Carly Sebring 7
    2.) Phoebe Bacon 6
    3.) David Fitch 4
    4.) Adriano Arioti 3
    4.) Kris Lawson 3
    4.) Darius Truong 3
    5.) Jack Conger 2
    5.) Brett Feyerick 2
    5.) Eli Fouts 2
    5.) Megan Sharkey 2
    6.) Joyce Wu 2

    • Jul 12, 2020 at 11:17 am

      Thanks for the contribution! Swim fans in our area have it good as it seems every decade we get to marvel at a new phenom that’s tearing up the pool!

  • Jul 26, 2020 at 11:19 am

    Yes, I hope MCSL fans realize how lucky they are to be able to watch the Rockville Rays.


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