ISCA Elite Showcase NBAC Wins Team Title, All Star Aquatics Finishes 2nd!

By Reach for the Wall Staff, Pictures courtesy Marcus Chen

St. Petersburg, Florida, April 16– North Baltimore Aquatics held a commanding lead in the team competition going into Saturday’s finals, and did not relent. Over the course of the 4-day meet, they amassed 985 total points, 609.5 for the Boys (1st place) and 375.5 for the Girls (2nd place to Jersey Wahoos who won with 406.5), including 22 swims in Finals. In the last Finals session NBAC’s Spencer Belbot continued his dominant performance as he won the 12 yr old 200 Freestyle (he also won the 1000 Freestyle, 50 Breaststroke, 200 IM, 500 Freestyle, 100 IM, 200 Breaststroke, and 400 IM). All Star Aquatics and Bolles School were battling each other for 2nd place throughout the week as well as in Saturday’s session. All Star had 16 swimmers in Finals while Bolles had 17 and Bolles had a slim lead going into the 400 Freestyle relays. Here’s how they unfolded: in the 10 & Under Boys, Bolles won scoring 22 points to ASA’s 5th place, scoring 12 points. In the 10 & Under Girls relay, Bolles finished 3rd for 16 points and ASA 4th for 14 points. The 11-12 relay events, ASA Boys placed 4th for 14 points and the Girls finished 7th for 8 points, while Bolles didn’t have a Boys relay and the Girls placed out of scoring in 14th. The ASA 13-14 Boys tied for 3rd, earning 15 points while Bolles finished 7th and 9th for 12 points. In the Girls 13-14 race, ASA finished 7th (3:40.52) for 8 points and Bolles 8th (3:40.57) for 6 points…(yes, those 2 points and .05 difference in the relay)…All Star out-scored Bolles 67-56 overall in the relays to get 2nd in the team standings 722.5 to 721, providing a thrilling finish to the four days of age group competition- Congratulations to all the competitors!!

PVS teams were scattered across the leaderboard and out of 120 teams here’s how they fared: Occoquan Swimming placed 14th with 295 points, FISH,17th with 209.5, MAKOS, 19th with 205, Potomac Marlins, 41st with 88, and Dragon 58th with 43 points- way to go PVS!!!

Thanks to ISCA and Doug Fonder for putting on such a great event & truly providing a ‘Showcase’ for the Age Group swimmers that attended.

ASA Coaches cheering on their swimmers during Finals session!

Here’s the rundown of PVS Clubs/Swimmers from Saturday night Finals:

Girls 9 & Under 200 IM:
7th: Lara Martinez (OCCS) 2:51.68

Boys 9 & Under 200 IM:
5th: Isaiah Collazo (FISH) 2:43.52
10th: Rory Rawson (ASA) 2:48.58

Girls 12 Yr Old 400 IM:
2nd: Sadie Buckley (MAKO) 4:33.53
4th: Lila Sherman (FISH) 4:40.53

Sadie Buckley (MAKO) on the Breaststroke leg of her 400 IM

Boys 12 Yr Old 400 IM:
7th: Lionel Martinez (OCCS) 4:42.54

Girls 13 Yr Old 400 IM:
5th: Virginia Hinds (ASA) 4:37.90

Boys 14 Yr Old 400 IM:
1st: Alex Grocholski (OCCS) 4:07.87
9th: Grant Golembiewski (OCCS) 4:22.91

Girls 14 Yr Old 400 IM:
5th: Kristina Fleck (Dragon) 4:37.32
6th: Nora Sherman (FISH) 4:37.69

Girls 9 & Under 100 Butterfly:
9th: Allie Hawver (OCCS) 1:27.04

Girls 10 Yr Old 100 Butterfly:
6th: Adya Bharwaj (ASA) 1:13.58

Boys 9 & Under 100 Butterfly:
4th: Isaiah Collazo (FISH) 1:18.17
8th: Rory Rawson (ASA) 1:22.46

Boys 10 Yr Old 100 Butterfly:
10th: Jaxson Daniel (OCCS) 1:17.33

Girls 11 Yr Old 100 Butterfly:
6th: Ellery Thomas (ASA) 29.03
10th: Nadja Kottak (ASA) 29.54

Girls 12 Yr Old 50 Butterfly:
5th: Sadie Buckley (MAKO) 27.65
6th: Caitlin Groves (ASA) 27.69
10th: Kaili Ji (ASA) 28.79

Boys 12 Yr Old 50 Butterfly:
10th: Lionel Martinez (OCCS) 26.98

Girls 13 Yr Old 50 Butterfly:
6th: Virginia Hinds (ASA) 26.46

Boys 13 Yr Old 50 Butterfly:
8th: Kirk Morgan (ASA) 25.72
9th: Ian Millsaps (OCCS) 25.78

Boys 14 Yr Old 50 Butterfly:
8th: Abe Laufer (ASA) 24.56

Girls 11 Yr Old 100 Breaststroke:
4th: Lauren Roth (MAKO) 1:13.82
7th: Anna Roth (MAKO) 1:16.40
10th: Connie Bendza (Dragon) 1:18.95

Boys 12 Yr Old 100 Breaststroke:
5th: Caleb Josh Camet (PM) 1:07.31

Girls 13 Yr Old 100 Breaststroke:
8th: Madeleine Steves (FISH) 1:098.71
10th: Gabbie Hawver (OCCS) 1:12.41

Boys 14 Yr Old 100 Breaststroke:
5th: Alex Grocholski (OCCS) 1:01.47

Boys 9 &Under 50 Freestyle:
2nd: Danis Kottak (ASA) 29.13
5th: Isaiah Collazo (FISH) 29.57

Danis Kottak (ASA) getting a quick breath in his 2nd place effort in the 50 freestyle

Boys 10 Yr Old 50 Freestyle:
2nd: Tyler Harris (MAKO) 27.37
8th: Alex Stephens (MAKO) 28.80

Girls 11 Yr Old 200 Freestyle:
7th: Savannah Valdecanas (Dragon) 2:07.59
8th: Ellery Thomas (ASA) 2:08.24

Girls 12 Yr Old 200 Freestyle:
5th: Lila Sherman (FISH) 1:57.25
9th: Virginia Strickland (FISH) 2:01.53

Boys 11 yr Old 200 Freestyle:
5th: Matthew Bailey (ASA) 2:06.12

Boys 12 Yr Old 200 Freestyle:
4th: Caleb Josh Camet (PM) 1:53.66
10th: Lionel Martinez (OCCS) 2:00.28

Girls 13 Yr Old 200 Freestyle:
4th: Virginia Hinds (ASA) 1:55.32

Boys 13 Yr Old 200 Freestyle:
10th: Kirk Morgan (ASA0 1:52.47

Boys 14 Yr Old 200 Freestyle:
2nd: Alex Grocholski (OCCS) 1:45.47
7th: Grant Golembiewski (OCCS) 1:48.79
8th: Casper Svensson (ASA) 1:49.01

Alex Grocholski (OCCS) on his way to 2nd in the 200 Freestyle

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