Reach for the Wall Presents All-DMV and Who Swam it Fastest for 2023-24

By Reach for the Wall Staff

It’s been a while since we provided a season-ending synopsis of the high school performances across the area and presented the top 16 times achieved in each event. We compiled (and analyzed) results from the 2023-2024 season of dual meets, Invitationals, Districts, Regions and Championship meets within the DMV to conclude with the top 16 in each event as well as the designation of ‘Who Swam It Fastest’!
This season we (the swim fan community) were treated to a multitude of great swims and accomplishments. In all, there were 46 Individual and 17 Relay Automatic All American and 90 Individual and 20 Relay All American Consideration standards met!!
The events that had the most swimmers meet/exceed the All American standards for the girls was the 100 Butterfly. Sarah Eliason was the top performer, posting a speedy 54.33 (#47 in the US)! The next 10 swimmers in our top 16 met the All American Consideration time. For the boys there were 2 events, the 100 Butterfly (all 16 swims were All American or All American Consideration) and 200 IM, where 15 of the 16 swimmers exceeded at least the Consideration standard. The 100 Butterfly was led by Rian Graham, Herndon, who set the top time at 47.76 (#23 in the US), he was followed by Kade Snyder, Patterson Mill (#34 in the US), Kyle Peck, Chancellor (#36 in the US), and Elliot Lee, Richard Montgomery (#43 in the US), all surpassing the All American standard. In the 200 IM, the top 5 swimmers met the Automatic All American standard, led by Adriano Arioti, Georgetown Day (#2 in the US), followed by Jt Schmid*, Robinson (#15 in the US), Simon Bermudez, Flint Hill (#23 in the US), Elliot Lee, Richard Montgomery (#24 in the US), Eli Martin, Washington-Liberty (#46 in the US), and Griffin Oehler, Georgetown Prep (#67 in the US).
* The results we have for JT Schmid 200 IM at VHSL Class 6 States has JT as a DQ in Finals, however SwimCloud is listing it as a good swim.

All-DMV Teams

While the Washington Post identifies ‘All-Met’ swimmers each year (2023 All-Mets: BoysGirls) citing performance criteria, we want to recognize high school swimmers in our area based on how the NCAA/College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) determines their All-American teams, so we’re designating an “All-DMV Team”.

Basically, if we were to simulate a single championship meet, the top 1-8 finishers in each event would be First Team All-DMV, and the next 9-16 would be Second Team All-DMV.  Also, to be considered for the All-DMV team and Swimmer of the Year, the swimmer/school must be within a 50 mile radius of Washington D.C.  

Top 16 List, Individual Events:

Top 16 List, Relay Events:

Who Swam It Fastest

To determine who swam a particular high school event the fastest, we analyzed which swimmer had the fastest time in comparison to the relevant All American standard (listed in the table). For the Individual events, Alyssa Sagle, Battlefield earned the title with her 100 Backstroke swim at the VHSL Class 6 State meet. For the boys, Adriano Arioti, Georgetown Day, earned the title with his swim in the 200IM at the Metro Championship meet. The Relay titles went to Richard Montgomery’s girls 200 Freestyle and Churchill’s boys 400 Freestyle!


EventTimeNameSchoolDateMeetAA StdDiff% Diff
Women   50 Free22.73Amy QinTSW2/7/20242024 METRO Championships23.080.351.52%
Women   100 Free49.78Virginia HindsBCC2/7/20242024 METRO Championships50.150.370.74%
Women   200 Free 1:46.72Andrea DworakJHB2/24/20242024 MPSSAA 4A3A State Swim Ch01:48.742.021.86%
Women   500 Free 4:46.55Andrea DworakJHB2/24/20242024 MPSSAA 4A3A State Swim Ch04:53.066.512.22%
Women   100 Back53.17Alyssa SagleBTFL2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet54.731.562.85%
Women   100 Breast 1:01.07Emma RedmanJUST2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet01:02.591.522.43%
Women   100 Fly54.33Sarah EliasonRMT2/24/20242024 MPSSAA 4A3A State Swim Ch54.38.05.09%
Women   200 IM 1:58.68Emma RedmanJUST2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet02:01.462.782.29%


EventTimeStdSchoolDateMeetSwimmer 1Swimmer 2Swimmer 3Swimmer 4AA StdDiff% Diff
Women  200 Free Relay  1:34.89AAAURMT2/7/20242024 METRO ChampionshipsLivia M. Venditti (SR)Lauren C. Gotting (JR)Julie K. Schwieters (JR)Sarah K. Eliason (SR)01:35.360.470.49%
Women  200 Medley Relay  1:44.68AACMCLN2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State MeetDanielle Hughes (JR)Catherine Hughes (SR)Ana Falzone (JR)Eleanor Murphy (JR)01:44.27-0.41-0.39%
Women  400 Free Relay  3:26.94AAAURMT2/7/20242024 METRO ChampionshipsLivia M. Venditti (SR)Anna M. Mitchum (JR)Julie K. Schwieters (JR)Sarah K. Eliason (SR)03:27.680.740.36%


EventTimeNameSchoolDateMeetAA StdDiff% Diff
50 Free
20.04Kyle PeckCHNC2/16/2024VHSL Class 4 Swimming & Diving20.430.391.91%
Men   100 Free44.38Josh HowatLKBR2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet44.830.451.00%
Men   200 Free 1:38.14Kyle WangWCH2/7/20242024 METRO Championships01:38.670.530.54%
Men   500 Free 4:25.95Brady BeginWCH2/7/20242024 METRO Championships04:29.393.441.28%
Men   100 Back46.48Kyle PeckCHNC2/16/2024VHSL Class 4 Swimming & Diving49.072.595.28%
Men   100 Breast54.65Eli MartinWLIB2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet55.440.791.42%
Men   100 Fly47.76Rian GrahamHERN2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet48.570.811.67%
Men   200 IM 1:43.58Adriano AriotiGDS2/7/20242024 METRO Championships01:49.505.925.41%


Men  200 Free Relay  1:22.82AAAUWCH2/24/20242024 MPSSAA 4A3A State Swim ChNasim Elkassem (SR)Samir Elkassem (SR)Michael KaiserKyle Wang (SR)01:24.341.521.80%
Men  200 Medley Relay  1:32.38AAAUROBN2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State MeetJt SchmidNicholas ByrnesJack FulhamLiam Hickey01:32.760.380.41%
Men  400 Free Relay  3:01.57AAAUWCH2/7/20242024 METRO ChampionshipsBrady Begin (SR)Samir Elkassem (SR)Nasim Elkassem (SR)Kyle Wang (SR)03:05.744.172.03%

Best of the Best

In some team sports (e.g., NBA/MLB), the ‘player/performer of the year’ honor is given to the athlete that has the highest impact on the team and has elevated the team to great performances. In other sports, this honor is given to the athlete that has the best single/multiple performances in a specified event.

Here’s what we’re using for our criteria:

  1. The swimmer must have at least 1 top time in an event in the DMV;
  2. S/he has a faster time than the All American standard for an event (and the higher percentage above the standard, the better);
  3. S/he is ranked in the country as provided by; and
  4. As a tie-breaker/additional consideration, number of swims in the top 16


Here are the candidates for ‘Best of the Best’:

Kyle Peck, Chancellor, DMV ranks: #1 50 Free, #1 100 Back

Josh Howat, Lake Braddock, DMV ranks: #1 100 Free, #2 50 Free, #16 500 Free

Adriano Arioti, Georgetown Day, DMV ranks: #1 200 IM, #2 100 Back, #3 100 Free

Best of the Best Winner: Adriano Arioti
Adriano earned this distinction with his 200 IM performance at Metros where he set the meet record going 1:43.58, which is currently #2 in the nation. His other swims 100 Backstroke #10 in the nation and 100 Freestyle #84 in the nation

Runner-up is Kyle Peck, who posted top times in the 50 free #20 in the nation and 100 Back #4 in the nation. In the VHSL Class 4 State Championship meet, Kyle set the Virginia high school record in the 100 back, surpassing the mark set by Anthony Grimm in 2019!

Diver of the Year:

Nathaniel Grannis, WT Woodson

Nathaniel (#21 in the U.S.) posted the 2nd highest score across the DMV with 582.5 points, was the top diver during the VHSL dual meet season, won the Patriot District, Region 6C and Class 6 State meet. At the state meet he went head to head with Travis Keith and won, Travis entered States with highest point total for the DMV. Other divers in consideration were Travis Keith, Colgan (#9 in the U.S) and Tynan O’Donohue, Whitman (#47 in the U.S). Travis posted a DMV leading 639.15 winning the Cardinal District, then went on to win the VHSL Region 6B with 573.25, and finished 6th at VHSL States. Tynan posted his best score of 529.30 to win Metros, but also swept the titles at the MPSSAA Region and State meets.


Here’s the 5-timers…swimmers that made the top 16 in 5 individual events:

Rian Graham, Herndon made the list, earning 1 All American and 3 Consideration standards:

50 Free920.7AAC2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet
100 Free1245.991/24/20242024 Liberty District Swim Div
200 Free6 1:39.27AAC2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet
100 Back1249.71AAC2/2/20242024 PV OB Northern Region Cha
100 Fly147.76AAAU2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet

Elliot Lee, Richard Montgomery showed his versatility through out the season and met the All American standard in 2 events and Consideration in another 3 events:

50 Free720.53AAC2/7/20242024 METRO Championships
100 Free745.25AAC2/24/20242024 MPSSAA 4A3A
200 Free3 1:38.79AAC2/7/20242024 METRO Championships
100 Fly448.29AAAU2/7/20242024 METRO Championships
200 IM3 1:47.26AAAU2/24/20242024 MPSSAA 4A3A

The top newcomer was Griffin Oehler, Georgetown Prep, as a Freshman garnered 2 Automatic All American and one Consideration!

200 Free8 1:40.04AAC2/2/2024WMPSSDL CHAMPIONSHIPS
100 Back648.85AAAU2/7/20242024 METRO Championships
200 IM6 1:49.47AAAU2/7/20242024 METRO Championships

The Churchill 200 and 400 Free Relays rank 16th and 12th in the US and the 3:01.57 in the 400 Free Relay is the fastest time ever in the DMV!


Here are the candidates for ‘Best of the Best’:

Alyssa Sagle, Battlefield, DMV Ranks: #1 100 Backstroke, #3 50 Freestyle, #12 100 Butterfly

Emma Redman, Justice, DMV Ranks: #1 200 IM, #1 100 Breaststroke, #15 100 Butterfly

Virginia Hinds, B-CC, DMV Ranks: #1 100 Freestyle, #2 100 Backstroke, #3 200 Freestyle

Andrea Dworak, Blake, DMV Ranks: #1 200 Freestyle, #1 500 Freestyle, #10 200 IM

Best of the Best winner: Andrea Dworak who posted #12 in the country time in the 200 Freestyle and #8 in the country 500 Freestyle, with her 3rd event, the 200 IM would have been in the top 150 in the country.

Runner-Up: Emma Redman
Emma earns this distinction on the strength of her swims in the national rankings. Her 100 Breaststroke currently puts her #12 in the country, her 200 IM at #13 in the country.

Photo Courtesy SwimSwam

SwimSwam Interview after VHSL Region Meet

Diver of the Year:

Marleigh Dasilva, James Madison

There were 3 divers in the mix for this consideration, Marleigh Dasilva, James Madison, Michayla Eisenberg, Flint Hill and Kaarina Williams. Whitman. While Marleigh (#69 in the US) didn’t have the highest point total, she won this distinction based on her performances in the VHSL Championship meets: 1st at the Concorde District championship, and 1st at the VHSL Class 6 State Championship. Michayla amassed the highest point total of divers in the area with her win at VISAA Championships (506.70). VISAA was among her three wins at championship events, WMPSSDL, Metros and VISAA. Kaarina Williams finished 2nd at Metros behind Michayla posting a 439.10, then went on to win the MPSSAA 4A/3A crown.


While there were some 5-timers for the Boys, the Girls had a 4-timer, that made the list in 4 individual events:

Livia Venditti, Richard Montgomery was instrumental to her team winning the Metro, and MPSSAA state Championship titles, met the All American Consideration standard in 1 event:

50 Free823.792/7/20242024 METRO Championships
100 Free951.452/7/20242024 METRO Championships
200 Free4 1:50.752/7/20242024 METRO Championships
100 Back655.85AAC2/24/20242024 MPSSAA 4A3A State Swim Ch

Top Newcomer was Sadie Buckley, Fairfax who as a Freshman was on the list for 4 events and met two All American and two Consideration time standards!

200 Free2 1:49.06AAC2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet
200 IM22:00.99AAAU2/10/20242024 VHSL Region 6C Championship
500 Free7 4:57.96AAC1/26/2024VHSL 2024 Patriot District
100 Back354.03AAAU2/14/20242024 VHSL Class 6 State Meet

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